The NBC 10! Show

If it is true that we all get 15 minutes of fame, then I just burned through my first 5 minutes this morning. Thanks to my friends at the Garden Media Group, I had my chance to explain the benefits of hiring a landscape designer to the Philadelphia market.

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The three to eight minute segment was designed as a service for the viewers to learn what a landscape designer does, the benefits they can bring to the home or business owner and how to hire one. Additionally, there were to be a few practical gardening tips. Karen Creely from GMG contacted me last week, asked me if I wanted to do the show and if I would draft up a one page summary of the talking points. Of course I obliged and emailed the summary one hour later.

When Karen and I arrived at the NBC 10 studios in Bala Cynwyd this morning, the director informed us that we would have five minutes with Bill Henley, the host, and that the focus of the segment would be gardening tips and not how to hire a designer. The producer thought the idea of hiring a professional landscape designer was too "high brow" for the show. Well, Karen and I arranged our props on the set (mostly lovely perennials provided by North Creek Nursery and a color rendered landscape plan of mine) and game planned on how we would present the show.
Watch the video and let me know if you think this segment explains the benefits of hiring a professional designer or not.


  1. Great job Dan! Only way the segement would have been better was if Mardi made a guest appearance!

  2. Thanks, Rich! Mardi's agent was asking way too much money.