Longwood Student Exhibition Garden Opens (softly!)

The soft opening of the Longwood Student Exhibition Garden was on Thursday, March 11, 2010. First discussed in this blog last year, the space finally received its first class of students after months of weather delays.
The senior class of students enrolled in the Professional Gardener Program began preliminary construction activities by staking up and marking out the location of key construction items such as walkways and raised beds. All of the designs are supportive of Longwood's overarching theme, fragrance, with such imaginative garden themes as "A Scents of Place", and "Fragrance Flows".
Not only are the students responsible for the design of the gardens, they also must calculate the required quantities of plants and hard goods, such as gravel, stone, steel edging and other items. They are limited to a budget that is tracked by the purchasing department. Watch this space through June, when the gardens are scheduled to be completed.

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