In The Field: Federal Style in York, Pennsylvania

The parking court walls have been constructed, continuing the theme set by the architecture.

The relocated American boxwood frame the front
facade while maintaining a sense of maturity.
The extended brick wall seems to finish
the intent of the original.
Solid progress is being made on this renovation project which is a collaboration between Maffei Landscape Design, the owner, the builder and the landscape contractor. 

The water feature has been formed and poured
 as a custom fit to the existing wall.
The builder's expertise and familiarity with the house has enabled him to produce a virtually seemless transition into the constructed portions of the landscape, including the extension of the brick wall in the back yard, modifying the front door and stoop, realignment of the driveway and the construction of the parking court walls. 

The landscape contractor relocated the 6' American boxwoods per the Master Plan to allow better views of the front facade and is constructing the water feature nestled into the existing brick wall.

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