On The Drawing Board: 1958 Contemporary

The disfunctional circular driveway will be replaced with a smaller
parking court, shade trees and low shrubs. A rain chain and
urn will receive water from the small roof above the front door.

Not far from Winterthur in northern Delaware this architectural gem, with Prairie and International influences, was built in 1960 and is being nursed back to vibrancy by its current owners. The landscape will feature a redesigned driveway that will slash impervious surface by 25% while increasing its capacity and functionality. A new allee of trees will screen views and provide a shady entrance, accented by a square fountain and bluestone walkways set at a subtle angle that suggest movement and space.

The driveway entrance will receive a pair of stone piers to
match the details of the house. Broad cap eaves will
hold recessed light fixtures to illuminate the ground only.

An allee of trees will frame the bluestone walkway and a
small square fountain.

The back yard will receive a new patio to support a larger table for entertaining dinner guests al fresco with a large grill set in a counter top positioned for casual conversation while cooking. The utmost sensitivity will be given to the mature trees, such as the Scarlet Oak with its 42" diameter trunk, and managing storm runoff water quality with recharge trenches on the virtually pancake-flat lot.

Currently in design development, we will be exploring options for construction materials and methods, such as pervious concrete or exposed aggregate concrete driveway surfaces, LED bollard lights, rain chains, art objects, native groundcovers and canopy trees with multi-season interest.

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