Maffei Landscape Design works with residential, corporate, public and hospitality clients who share a common vision that the outdoors deserves as much consideration as the indoors. Projects range from compact to expansive in area.

With a background in public horticulture, landscape contracting, education and civic leadership, Danilo Maffei, FAPLD, PCH brings to each project a positive and practical perspective on the way gardens enrich our experience and engagement with people and places.

He specializes in conceiving and creating outdoor places that are meaningful, relevant and responsive to the specific conditions in which they are set with an emphasis on plant selections that compliment the natural and built environment. 

When not at the drawing board, you might find him walking his dogs through the neighborhoods of Kennett Square, singing baritone in his church choir, leading the board of directors of the Association of Professional Landscape Designers or teaching landscape design at Longwood Gardens.